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Workout Archives - Vicki Brands

2017 Goals

Today has been a great day in terms of fitness goals!

  1. I signed up for the 2017 Crossfit Open. This will be my 5th year participating, but my first year participating with my post-partum body. I’m slowly figuring out how to and working on rebuilding my strength, especially my core muscles. Those seem to have been the worst hit, understandably so though! Goal: Complete all 5 Open workouts, RX’d if possible
  2. Day 1 of my 1/2 marathon training is complete! I impressed myself with running for 30 minutes straight for a total distance of 2.5 miles. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ran more than 1 mile, so I was excited that my body was able to work through a hilly neighborhood course. Day 1 called for a “30 minute easy run” and I checked that right off! My husband and I are running a half marathon in May- our first one in about 4 years. Goal: complete all prescribed runs set by my Garmin training program.


I’m really happy to finally be back on this fitness train after taking a few weeks/ months off of any sort of strenuous training. I also joined our local Stroller Strides workout group which has been so much fun so far. It has helped us develop a little bit of a routine during the week. Whitney doesn’t really seem to like being in her stroller most of the time, so I end up wearing her. I don’t get the same workout I would if I wasn’t wearing her, but it’s still great to be out getting some sort of workout and talking with all of the moms! All of the instructors are awesome and the workouts are always challenging (they are as hard as you make them!).

Yay for 2017 goals so far! What are yours?

Labor Day Hero WOD: “Bull”

Happy Labor Day!

After some research, we discovered there wasn’t really a universal WOD people were doing for Labor Day like Memorial Day. So, we chose a Hero WOD on our own. The WOD of choice today was “Bull”:


2 rounds of:

200 Double Unders

50 Overhead Squats @ 135# (men’s weight)

50 Pull Ups

Run 1 mile

Gerrit got all of this work done in a few minutes shy of an hour, but I chose to half everything involved. Here is what I came up with and completed:

Bull (modified for a 35 week pregnant lady)

2 rounds of:

100 single unders

25 Overhead squats @ 55# 

25 Ring Rows

1/2 mile walk as fast as you can

I finished in 28 minutes and some change, right at Gerrit finished his first round. Not too bad!



“Five 10 X 5”

Today’s workout:

“Five 10 X 5”

5 rounds of 10 reps each of:

air squats

lunges, alt legs

overhead squats @ 55#

ring rows

53# KB deadlifts

~ then ~

5 X 5 EMOM Press @ 55#


The first part of this workout took 20 minutes, including a few water and breath-catching breaks.

The second part took 5 minutes…EMOM= every minute, on the minute

Watching people WOD while WODing

Today’s workout was done in between with the Crossfit Games final events happening on the TV in our garage! Those people are so inspiring it’s ridiculous! This is the only time of year that we are actually excited and interested in a sporting event being broadcast. I’m guessing that this is how people who religiously follow the NFL, NHL, MLB, or any other sport feel throughout their team’s season. Luckily, this is only a few days long, not a few months long. Plus, we can be in our garage doing a WOD while watching other people WOD..how awesome and efficient is that?!

Anyway, here is what we worked on today:

A. 5 X 5 push press (I used 65#)

B. 5 X 10 each arm, alternating dumbbell front raise & lateral raise

C. Partner WOD:

     5 rounds of-

     Partner A: assault bike (me: 12 cals./ G: 18 cals)

     Partner B: Kettlebell swings (modification for me: swing to parallel to ground, @35#, I did 15 each                  round)

    *When biking partner is finished, switch stations. Repeat until each person has completed 5 rounds of             each movement.

Crossfit Games inspired “DT”

One of today’s Crossfit Games individual events is “Double DT”. This is simply double the work of the normal “DT” Hero WOD. Being inspired by all of the Crossfit Games athletes, we decided to do “DT” as our workout today. G did “DT” with the normal men’s prescribed weight of 155#. The women’s prescribed weight was 105#, which normally, would have been a great, challenging weight for me. But, going on 29 weeks preggo and the temperature hitting over 100 degrees, I didn’t even consider doing the full weight. Instead, I chose to use my 35# Rogue Bella Bar (LOVE!) with 10# weights on each side, totaling 55#. I didn’t time myself for this workout; my goals were to complete the workout, raise my heart rate, and not over heat. Mission accomplished (:


5 rounds of: 

12 deadlifts *Modification: narrow grip, sumo stance deadlifts for me 

9 power cleans

6 push jerks


“Baby Nancy”

“Baby Nancy”

(as seen on Crossfit.com after Googling “Crossfit Pregnancy Workouts”)

5 rounds of:

400 m row

15 overhead squats (35# bar)

I’ve taken out “for time” from most workouts now which has been really helpful. When you have a clock staring you in the face during a workout, you naturally want to push harder to finish. With the heat and the increasing size of my belly, that’s the last thing I need. My goal during this workout was to keep my heart rate elevated and complete the workout. Goal accomplished!

Overcoming Changes & Challenges

These past two weeks have been challenging in terms of being self-motivated. Yes, it’s still summer for teachers, and yes, I do have a lot of time to do things I don’t normally have time to do during the school year (and I’m thankful for that!). However, some days (make that many days) I feel like my own body is working against me despite having more time. I am starting to feel like, well… like I’m pregnant. I know I’ve been pregnant for going on 29 weeks now, but until late, I haven’t felt like I needed to make many accommodations to my workouts or even my every day life.

But, between finally feeling the effects of my growing belly, the average 100 degree weather come noon, having aching ribs most days, learning what acid reflux is after everything I eat, feeling exhausted after not having even worked all day, aching arches & knees after being on my feet for as much time as I normally am, and honestly, coupled with some laziness, I have been struggling to keep up my constant workout routine.

I have lowered the expectations I have for myself when it comes to workouts, which is not necessarily a good thing. However, I constantly fear that I will push myself too far; my body temperature will get too high, I will become dehydrated, and ultimately, I will cause myself to go into preterm labor. They’re all scary thoughts. I’ve always been told to “listen to your body” when it comes to workouts, but it’s tricky to do this because I don’t know what my limits are any more.

Despite these uncertainties and challenges, I start every day knowing that it’s a new day which brings new opportunities for change and choice. Just because I didn’t workout yesterday or I ate something horrible, doesn’t mean I’m doomed for the rest of my pregnancy. All it means is that I need to make different choices today to keep myself on track. I just have to remember that my goal right now is to keep myself healthy and active. An active, healthy mama makes for a happy, healthy baby. <3

Push Up Modifications for Pregnancy

The push up; I’ve never been great at them. At what I’d consider my most fit, I was able to do less than 10 “real” push ups before losing strength and form. However, I still see benefit in doing push ups from my knees. Even though knee pushups normally work well for me, they are now becoming increasingly difficult because of my growing belly. Here are a few modifications you can make if you still want to continue doing push ups!

Push Ups On Weights

Depending on how big your belly is at the time, place 1 or 2 45# rubber weights on the ground. You can use one stack for your knees and one for your hands, or you can make four stacks- one for each hand and knee (or feet if you’re super strong). When you do a push up this way, your belly won’t get squished on the ground and will allow you to have a better range of motion than you may have had when doing push ups on the ground.

Push Ups From A Rack 

If you have access to a rig, set it up to hold a barbell at about waist height. Hold on to the barbell as it remains on the rack and get into a plank/ push up position. Do push ups on the bar. Your belly is guaranteed not to touch the ground if you use this modification! If it’s too easy, lower your bar and decrease your body’s angle. The closer to the ground your bar is and the more parallel your body is to the ground, the more challenging this movement will be.

Ring Push Ups

This is the most challenging of the modifications I have found. If you have great upper body strength, this one is definitely doable. If you do not, like me, it’s a great modification to work toward. For this modification, use a set of gymnastic rings. The lower to the ground they are, the more difficult this movement will be. A ring push up is just like it sounds; hold on to the rings and do a push up. *Keep in mind, this movement requires you to have good control over your upper body and core. It’s pregnancy friendly because your are off the ground while doing a push up movement, however can be dangerous if you don’t have the strength for it. Try it with caution, you don’t want to end up on the floor on your belly!


Crossfit Open 2016

The Crossfit Open: 5 workouts in 5 weeks.

These workouts are used to determine the top men, women, and teens in each Crossfit “region” around the world. The top athletes from each category in each region at the end of the 5 weeks moves on to their region’s “Regional” competition. From there, the top athletes from each region move on to the “Crossfit Games” with the hopes of being crowned the “Fittest on Earth”.

And I registered myself again, for the 4th year in a row…

Why? Do I think I’m the most outstanding athlete in the Southern California Region? NO. Do I think I have a chance to win the Crossfit Games? NOPE. Then why pay $20 to participate in the Open when there’s no chance of making it to the regional competition? (Especially when I expect to participate in the “scaled” category, leaving me out of any chance of going to regionals.) I haven’t put in the hours of training or been meticulous about my diet like those who want more than anything to ultimately make it to the Games. So, why?

The 1st year I participated in the Open was 2013. I was in pretty good shape at the time, getting stronger by the week. I was gearing up for my wedding on July 4, so I was at my box about 4-5 days per week. I was able to RX every workout that year and LOVED the friendly competitive nature of my box during those WODs. Cheering each other on, trying to get the best possible score on each workout, and waiting until the score-submission deadline came to see where I stood against other girls all over the world was such an awesome experience!

Year 2: 2014. This year was a similar experience to my first year participating. My friends and I completed each Open WOD together…I believe I even placed in a couple of the WODs within my box! Again, I finished all of the WODs RX’d, even if they took me a little longer than they should have. In the end, another great experience at my box.

Year 3: 2015. This year I went at the Open WODs at my friends’ affiliate. I decided to leave my old box in order to train at home with my husband, allowing me more time home, more time with him, and the ability to train when I want. Each week, I would drive out to my friends’ gym so someone could judge me and I could report an official score. It also didn’t hurt that I got some awesome gym time with my good friend! However, this year, there were so many more people that registered for the Open (the numbers have been growing exponentially since the first year of the Crossfit Games, 2007). When you have that many more people participating, you need a way to quickly cut people from the competition. Well sure enough, the 3rd WOD, 15.3, called for muscle ups as the first movement. Most Crossfitters can’t do a muscle up, a gymnastic movement where the athlete hangs from a set of rings off of the ground, swings/”muscles” themselves up to a straight- armed position and then lets themselves back down. So because I couldn’t do that movement, I earned a score of a “0” or incomplete for that workout. Once you get an incomplete, you’re basically out of the running and lose any kind of standing. This also happened to be the first year that they offered a “teen” and “scaled” category. You can drop down to “scaled” if you aren’t able to do the movements as prescribed, but I didn’t have any motivation to do that. So instead, I didn’t finish the other 2 WODs that year at an affiliate. My husband and I played around with them at home, but I didn’t report a score for them.

Looking back, not reporting a score or allowing myself to go “scaled” was a poor choice.

So this year, 2016, WHY?

I signed up for this year’s open so that I can make sure I log scores for all of the WODs this time. I will be working at the “scaled” level this year for more reasons than one, but that is fine by me. I’ll still get to visit & workout with my friend, participate in the excitement of the open, and get a few good Crossfit workouts in this year! <3

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out http://games.crossfit.com/


{SSS} Squats, Shoulders & Sore to the Core

Today’s workout: 

Equipment needed: a barbell, bumper plates, dumbells

A. 3 rounds of 20 back squats at 75#

B. 3 rounds of 20 deadlifts at #135, 20 shoulder flys with #7.5 dumbells

C. Sore to the Core: Week 4 Day 2

I loved this combination of movements! For part A, my husband and I took turns. When I was done, we switched out the weights for him and I rested. For part B, we also took turns. When one of us was on deadlifts, the other was working on shoulders. We took small rests in between so that we could switch out the weights and catch our breaths. Sore to the Core we do together; we set a timer on our tv in the garage. My favorite part of Crossfit type workouts is the lifting, so this combo was fun for me. Choosing a “fun” workout once in a while helps me to stay motivated throughout the whole workout!