Labor Day Hero WOD: “Bull”

Happy Labor Day!

After some research, we discovered there wasn’t really a universal WOD people were doing for Labor Day like Memorial Day. So, we chose a Hero WOD on our own. The WOD of choice today was “Bull”:


2 rounds of:

200 Double Unders

50 Overhead Squats @ 135# (men’s weight)

50 Pull Ups

Run 1 mile

Gerrit got all of this work done in a few minutes shy of an hour, but I chose to half everything involved. Here is what I came up with and completed:

Bull (modified for a 35 week pregnant lady)

2 rounds of:

100 single unders

25 Overhead squats @ 55# 

25 Ring Rows

1/2 mile walk as fast as you can

I finished in 28 minutes and some change, right at Gerrit finished his first round. Not too bad!