Watching people WOD while WODing

Today’s workout was done in between with the Crossfit Games final events happening on the TV in our garage! Those people are so inspiring it’s ridiculous! This is the only time of year that we are actually excited and interested in a sporting event being broadcast. I’m guessing that this is how people who religiously follow the NFL, NHL, MLB, or any other sport feel throughout their team’s season. Luckily, this is only a few days long, not a few months long. Plus, we can be in our garage doing a WOD while watching other people awesome and efficient is that?!

Anyway, here is what we worked on today:

A. 5 X 5 push press (I used 65#)

B. 5 X 10 each arm, alternating dumbbell front raise & lateral raise

C. Partner WOD:

     5 rounds of-

     Partner A: assault bike (me: 12 cals./ G: 18 cals)

     Partner B: Kettlebell swings (modification for me: swing to parallel to ground, @35#, I did 15 each                  round)

    *When biking partner is finished, switch stations. Repeat until each person has completed 5 rounds of             each movement.

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