Crossfit Games inspired “DT”

One of today’s Crossfit Games individual events is “Double DT”. This is simply double the work of the normal “DT” Hero WOD. Being inspired by all of the Crossfit Games athletes, we decided to do “DT” as our workout today. G did “DT” with the normal men’s prescribed weight of 155#. The women’s prescribed weight was 105#, which normally, would have been a great, challenging weight for me. But, going on 29 weeks preggo and the temperature hitting over 100 degrees, I didn’t even consider doing the full weight. Instead, I chose to use my 35# Rogue Bella Bar (LOVE!) with 10# weights on each side, totaling 55#. I didn’t time myself for this workout; my goals were to complete the workout, raise my heart rate, and not over heat. Mission accomplished (:


5 rounds of: 

12 deadlifts *Modification: narrow grip, sumo stance deadlifts for me 

9 power cleans

6 push jerks


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