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Overcoming Changes & Challenges - Vicki Brands

Overcoming Changes & Challenges

These past two weeks have been challenging in terms of being self-motivated. Yes, it’s still summer for teachers, and yes, I do have a lot of time to do things I don’t normally have time to do during the school year (and I’m thankful for that!). However, some days (make that many days) I feel like my own body is working against me despite having more time. I am starting to feel like, well… like I’m pregnant. I know I’ve been pregnant for going on 29 weeks now, but until late, I haven’t felt like I needed to make many accommodations to my workouts or even my every day life.

But, between finally feeling the effects of my growing belly, the average 100 degree weather come noon, having aching ribs most days, learning what acid reflux is after everything I eat, feeling exhausted after not having even worked all day, aching arches & knees after being on my feet for as much time as I normally am, and honestly, coupled with some laziness, I have been struggling to keep up my constant workout routine.

I have lowered the expectations I have for myself when it comes to workouts, which is not necessarily a good thing. However, I constantly fear that I will push myself too far; my body temperature will get too high, I will become dehydrated, and ultimately, I will cause myself to go into preterm labor. They’re all scary thoughts. I’ve always been told to “listen to your body” when it comes to workouts, but it’s tricky to do this because I don’t know what my limits are any more.

Despite these uncertainties and challenges, I start every day knowing that it’s a new day which brings new opportunities for change and choice. Just because I didn’t workout yesterday or I ate something horrible, doesn’t mean I’m doomed for the rest of my pregnancy. All it means is that I need to make different choices today to keep myself on track. I just have to remember that my goal right now is to keep myself healthy and active. An active, healthy mama makes for a happy, healthy baby. <3

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