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Push Up Modifications for Pregnancy - Vicki Brands

Push Up Modifications for Pregnancy

The push up; I’ve never been great at them. At what I’d consider my most fit, I was able to do less than 10 “real” push ups before losing strength and form. However, I still see benefit in doing push ups from my knees. Even though knee pushups normally work well for me, they are now becoming increasingly difficult because of my growing belly. Here are a few modifications you can make if you still want to continue doing push ups!

Push Ups On Weights

Depending on how big your belly is at the time, place 1 or 2 45# rubber weights on the ground. You can use one stack for your knees and one for your hands, or you can make four stacks- one for each hand and knee (or feet if you’re super strong). When you do a push up this way, your belly won’t get squished on the ground and will allow you to have a better range of motion than you may have had when doing push ups on the ground.

Push Ups From A RackĀ 

If you have access to a rig, set it up to hold a barbell at about waist height. Hold on to the barbell as it remains on the rack and get into a plank/ push up position. Do push ups on the bar. Your belly is guaranteed not to touch the ground if you use this modification! If it’s too easy, lower your bar and decrease your body’s angle. The closer to the ground your bar is and the more parallel your body is to the ground, the more challenging this movement will be.

Ring Push Ups

This is the most challenging of the modifications I have found. If you have great upper body strength, this one is definitely doable. If you do not, like me, it’s a great modification to work toward. For this modification, use a set of gymnastic rings. The lower to the ground they are, the more difficult this movement will be. A ring push up is just like it sounds; hold on to the rings and do a push up. *Keep in mind, this movement requires you to have good control over your upper body and core. It’s pregnancy friendly because your are off the ground while doing a push up movement, however can be dangerous if you don’t have the strength for it. Try it with caution, you don’t want to end up on the floor on your belly!


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