Beach Cruising

My husband and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We made a short trip to Huntington Beach for a few days to relax by the beach. Because I am pregnant, doctors (and the rest of the world) advise us to stay on the continental US to avoid any chance of contracting Zika, which limited our travel options this summer. However, our little beach get away was perfect! We went to the beach, swam in the pool, went to a nice dinner, found a few great breakfast spots, and got a whole bunch of walking and beach cruising in!

We rented beach cruisers one morning and ended up riding for hours; we rode a total of about 28 miles up and down the coast. We rode up to Sunset Beach, back to Huntington and then almost all of the way down the Newport Peninsula, and back to Huntington. It was an awesome workout and definitely doable being 26 weeks pregnant. I would not recommend riding almost 30 miles on a beach cruiser though- your butt will be sore for days after!

For the most part though,  beach cruising + pregnancy = great workout!

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