Summertime Pregnancy Workouts & Recipes

I regret slacking off on this blogging business for the past three months, however…I’M BACK AT IT!

First, there are some exciting things I need to update you on:

  1. School’s out for summer! Yes, for the next 10 weeks or so, I am officially on summer break (thankful to be a teacher!), which means I have no excuses not to workout, create & find new recipes and generally focus on the health of my husband, myself, and our little one…
  2. YES, we’re expecting our first baby in October! I can’t wait to be a mommy, but time is already flying by too fast- I’m already 22 weeks in! Luckily, I’ve felt great throughout my pregnancy so far. Keep an eye out for workout modifications I’ve figured out, one’s I’ve researched, and sources I use to ensure I keep myself and our baby safe & healthy! I’ll also be adding some new summertime recipes; my diet hasn’t really changed much as a pregnant lady, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure I eat more throughout the day, just in smaller portions at a time. I’m thankful my pre-pregnancy self developed a strong understanding of what a healthy diet consists of and established a solid Crossfit-based workout routine. I’m confident these together will only benefit me throughout my entire pregnancy, help me “bounce back” after she’s (it’s a girl!) born, and ultimately, give her a great, healthy start to life!

Thanks for following! Stay tuned for some delicious recipes & pregnancy-friendly workouts!

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