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Crossfit Open 2016 - Vicki Brands

Crossfit Open 2016

The Crossfit Open: 5 workouts in 5 weeks.

These workouts are used to determine the top men, women, and teens in each Crossfit “region” around the world. The top athletes from each category in each region at the end of the 5 weeks moves on to their region’s “Regional” competition. From there, the top athletes from each region move on to the “Crossfit Games” with the hopes of being crowned the “Fittest on Earth”.

And I registered myself again, for the 4th year in a row…

Why? Do I think I’m the most outstanding athlete in the Southern California Region? NO. Do I think I have a chance to win the Crossfit Games? NOPE. Then why pay $20 to participate in the Open when there’s no chance of making it to the regional competition? (Especially when I expect to participate in the “scaled” category, leaving me out of any chance of going to regionals.) I haven’t put in the hours of training or been meticulous about my diet like those who want more than anything to ultimately make it to the Games. So, why?

The 1st year I participated in the Open was 2013. I was in pretty good shape at the time, getting stronger by the week. I was gearing up for my wedding on July 4, so I was at my box about 4-5 days per week. I was able to RX every workout that year and LOVED the friendly competitive nature of my box during those WODs. Cheering each other on, trying to get the best possible score on each workout, and waiting until the score-submission deadline came to see where I stood against other girls all over the world was such an awesome experience!

Year 2: 2014. This year was a similar experience to my first year participating. My friends and I completed each Open WOD together…I believe I even placed in a couple of the WODs within my box! Again, I finished all of the WODs RX’d, even if they took me a little longer than they should have. In the end, another great experience at my box.

Year 3: 2015. This year I went at the Open WODs at my friends’ affiliate. I decided to leave my old box in order to train at home with my husband, allowing me more time home, more time with him, and the ability to train when I want. Each week, I would drive out to my friends’ gym so someone could judge me and I could report an official score. It also didn’t hurt that I got some awesome gym time with my good friend! However, this year, there were so many more people that registered for the Open (the numbers have been growing exponentially since the first year of the Crossfit Games, 2007). When you have that many more people participating, you need a way to quickly cut people from the competition. Well sure enough, the 3rd WOD, 15.3, called for muscle ups as the first movement. Most Crossfitters can’t do a muscle up, a gymnastic movement where the athlete hangs from a set of rings off of the ground, swings/”muscles” themselves up to a straight- armed position and then lets themselves back down. So because I couldn’t do that movement, I earned a score of a “0” or incomplete for that workout. Once you get an incomplete, you’re basically out of the running and lose any kind of standing. This also happened to be the first year that they offered a “teen” and “scaled” category. You can drop down to “scaled” if you aren’t able to do the movements as prescribed, but I didn’t have any motivation to do that. So instead, I didn’t finish the other 2 WODs that year at an affiliate. My husband and I played around with them at home, but I didn’t report a score for them.

Looking back, not reporting a score or allowing myself to go “scaled” was a poor choice.

So this year, 2016, WHY?

I signed up for this year’s open so that I can make sure I log scores for all of the WODs this time. I will be working at the “scaled” level this year for more reasons than one, but that is fine by me. I’ll still get to visit & workout with my friend, participate in the excitement of the open, and get a few good Crossfit workouts in this year! <3

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out http://games.crossfit.com/


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