{SSS} Squats, Shoulders & Sore to the Core

Today’s workout: 

Equipment needed: a barbell, bumper plates, dumbells

A. 3 rounds of 20 back squats at 75#

B. 3 rounds of 20 deadlifts at #135, 20 shoulder flys with #7.5 dumbells

C. Sore to the Core: Week 4 Day 2

I loved this combination of movements! For part A, my husband and I took turns. When I was done, we switched out the weights for him and I rested. For part B, we also took turns. When one of us was on deadlifts, the other was working on shoulders. We took small rests in between so that we could switch out the weights and catch our breaths. Sore to the Core we do together; we set a timer on our tv in the garage. My favorite part of Crossfit type workouts is the lifting, so this combo was fun for me. Choosing a “fun” workout once in a while helps me to stay motivated throughout the whole workout!

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