Butt & Leg, Upper Body & Sore to the Core Challenge

Today’s workout: Week 4 of…

~Butt & Leg Challenge 

~Upper Body Challenge

~ Sore to the Core Challenge

all from http://www.alexajeanfitness.com/ !

You probably read my last post about the Sore to the Core Challenge my husband and I started doing a couple of weeks ago. Well, there’s more! By completing each of these “challenges” in the same day, right after one another, you will end up working up a sweat for about 45 minutes! If you’re not feeling all three in one day, choose another workout to combine with one of the challenges. For example, go for a run and then do “Sore to the Core”. Do a few rounds of backsquats and then do a day of the “Upper Body Challenge”.

The great thing about all of these is that there is little to no equipment required, they can be done in your bedroom, at a gym, at the park, on the beach… anywhere there is an open space.

Check out her site to purchase these “Challenges”!


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