30 Day Sore to the Core Challenge

I love following fitness bloggers and fitness blogger moms on Instagram. They always have great workouts that require little to no equipment and can be done in about 15-20 minutes. These workouts may look easy to your every day Crossfitter, fitness enthusiast, or athlete, but they are pretty challenging.

One of my favorite fitness blogger moms is Alexa Jean. She has an awesome fitness program that includes the 30 Day Sore to the Core Challenge, Butt & Leg Challenge, and an Upper Body Challenge. We just wrapped up the 2nd week of her Sore to the Core Challenge and highly recommend it! We complete each day’s Sore to the Core workout in addition to our full workout for the day (usually after). This is a no equipment, body weight challenge and can be done with as many people as you’d like. All you need is something to view the workout on (iPad, phone, computer…or print it out), an open space, and a timer.

Head to http://www.alexajeanfitness.com/ to purchase the Challenge! (picture above also belongs to AlexaJeanFitness)

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