Shrimp Stack

Oh dear…I can’t handle all the new recipes this week. They are just so deLISH!!!

This is a recipe that I saw on Facebook. However, it wasn’t really a “recipe”; it was just a series of videos, sped up, in a video type presentation. No ingredients were listed, no measurements were given. But it looked delicious, so I tried it. This reminded me of an Ahi Stack you would order as an appetizer at a restaurant for $14…so of course, I had to try to make it. Here’s the recipe I used (slash, threw together using my best judgement):

Ingredients (for 2 shrimp stacks)

1 lb cooked shrimp

1 avocado (mashed)

2 stalks of green onions (chopped)

1 bowl of 90 second brown rice (Costco)

1 medium cucumber (diced)

a dash of low sodium soy sauce

~ 2 tbsp of mayo

6 shakes of Tapatio

a few shakes of sesame seeds



  1. Cook shrimp in a pan. Add pepper and garlic to taste. Cut shrimp into smaller, bite sized pieces.
  2. Mash avocado in a bowl. Chop green onions. Cook rice. Dice cucumber.
  3. Mix mayo and Tapatio (or Sriracha) together.
  4. This recipe makes TWO stacks, so you need to repeat this two times. In a LARGE coffee mug (or small pot…something cylindrical), layer the following ingredients: add half of the cucumber, then the green onions, followed by the avocado, and finally the brown rice.
  5. Pack down the ingredients to better insure that they will stick together. Flip mug upside down on a plate and tap several times to make sure the stack comes out. Pull the mug up slowly. If necessary, gather pieces that fell out and pack them to the side of your stack.
  6. Pour a small amount of soy sauce over your stack. then spread the Tapatio mixture on top. Add sesame seeds for extra style points.
  7. Tadahh! I chose to serve this with corn chips which worked out perfectly. It was fun to scoop up the stack with the chips, plus it added some extra crunch.

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