Hero WOD: T.U.P.

Today’s workout (as posted on http://www.crossfit.com and Crossfit’s instagram today):


15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
135-lb. power cleans
135-lb. front squats

To complete this workout, complete 15 reps of each skill listed, then complete 12 reps of the skills listed, and so on until you finish the 3 reps. This workout is for TIME, so you want to complete it as quickly as you can.

Modifications: The nice thing about Crossfit WODs is that you can ALWAYS modify it to your level. For this workout, I modified the weight (Hero WOD’s are presented with men’s weight). I completed this workout using 85 lbs. for both the power cleans and front squats. The girls’ weight for this WOD would normally be 95 lbs. I modified the weight because I have not done lifts like this nor at this rate in a while, so I’ll work back up to those recommended weights (:

For the second set of pull ups each round, I chose to do ring rows instead. My husband, on the other hand, completed the workout as prescribed. I’m working my way back up to that!

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