Protein Pancakes

Happy Saturday!

One of my favorite weekend breakfasts is pancakes. I’ve make “paleo pancakes”, which use almond flour and other paleo products, but these take the cake! I found Kodiak Cakes “Power Cakes” mix at Costco, and I have to say, it’s well worth spending the $12 on. This pancake mix is made with whole grain oat & wheat flour and a whey protein blend.

Power Cakes

1 cup mix to 1 cup water

*To get the highest protein content, replace water with milk and add an egg per cup*


  • I love topping my pancakes with fresh fruit, especially berries.
  • For some sweetness, top with honey, agave nectar, or maple syrup

For two people, we normally make 2 cups worth and sometimes we still have left overs. The left overs are amazing the next day in the toaster! We also like to prepare some chicken sausage (Costco as well) to go with the pancakes.

Have a great weekend!


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